Test Run

IMG_1335 (640x480)

Testing out a new blog platform, largely because I’ve been frustrated by needing to resize photos on my old blog. Incredibly time consuming, especially after a glass of wine or two. I hope to eventually import all my old travel entries from http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/amy/. In any case, stay tuned for entries from this year’s trip to Rome, Puglia, and the Cilento!

2 thoughts on “Test Run

  1. Love the new look. I know what you mean about moveable type – I never found it to be very user friendly (wine or not. :-).

    I am looking forward to following your adventures.

  2. Ciao! I moved my entire blog over to WordPress the end of January. I also love how easy it is now to import photos! It was really easy to import everything. All of my photos also imported over! The only thing that didn’t transfer over were the links. Took me quite a while to fix them all (think I got them all now). Oh and maybe if you made a slide show or some videos may need to be fixed.

    Now I need to catch up on your travels! Enjoy Italy!!! 🙂

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