June Trip

venice_streetsItalian Escapade

Larry and I were last in Venice in 2002, or was it 2003? In any case, quite a while ago. While we enjoyed our week-long stay, we weren’t burning to go back, what with so many other places calling to us. Yes it’s unique and hauntingly beautiful, but it’s also overcrowded, expensive, and victimized by the cruise ship industry. But years of reading travel blogs of other people’s Venice stays kept a return on my back burner. Larry has been dying to go to Croatia, so it seemed to fit nicely into this year’s trip.

We’re using miles in a rather torturous slog, Boston to JFK (where we’ll cool our heels in the Admiral’s Club for far too many hours), JFK to Dusseldorf, and then finally to Venice. But hey, free flights, so I can not complain.

We’ll be in Venice for 11 days, staying in a lovely apartment recommended by my travel friend Jan. And as it turned out, Jan and her husband will also be in Venice during our time there, a nice surprise.

After Venice we’ll take the bus to Croatia. We decided to just explore the Istrian Peninsula on this trip, saving the south coast for another time. We’re staying in this apartment in Rovinj for a week.

We’ll visit the Pitlivice Lakes park, and then fly out of Zagreb to Berlin. Berlin appealed to us on our brief stay there last year, so we’ll be getting a bit more of a taste of it this time. Here’s our apartment.

And then home; Berlin-JFK-Boston.