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Monday morning we walked up to the museum in the Roman ruins in Vaison. It’s a pleasant little museum that displays many of the artifacts found in Vaison, with some excellent documentation about the site, even some text in English.Explanations about Roman society, architecture, religion, economics, and the arts help put visiting the ruins into better context. By the way, these ruins are the largest archaeological site in France. We also took advantage of the audioguide, which covers the museum, the sites, and the medieval town on the hill.We walked through the three areas of the ruins, and also took the trail along the back side which leads up to the reconstructed Theatre.

2015-10-26 05.21.07 2015-10-26 05.22.41 2015-10-26 06.21.59 2015-10-26 06.31.54 2015-10-26 06.19.23 2015-10-26 06.03.20

For lunch, we headed out to Restaurant Saint-Hubert in Entrechaux. We went for the 16 euro Menu, and began with a superb bowl of sweet, tiny mussels in a tomato broth. Then came lamb chops, served with buttery vegetable purees, and finally a crepe with vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate. Obviously popular with local business people at lunch, a solidly good meal.

2015-10-26 07.41.19 2015-10-26 08.10.14 2015-10-26 08.33.25 2015-10-26 08.33.30

We decided to just go exploring to the east, and took the D5 up into the Drome, then a small winding road into the mountains around Propiac, finally swinging down through Faucon and then back to Entrechaux. Some fantastic scenery, and Faucon looks to be worth a wander sometime, with medieval ramparts and attractive stone buildings.

IMG_0595 2015-10-26 09.13.39 2015-10-26 09.16.22 2015-10-26 09.23.35 2015-10-26 09.47.00 2015-10-26 09.47.36 2015-10-26 09.51.59 2015-10-26 10.00.51 2015-10-26 10.07.30 IMG_0591

Packed up in preparation for heading to Paris tomorrow. For dinner we picked up a little pizza, and enjoyed it on our terrace.

We loved staying in Vaison, and will certainly return for more of the Vaucluse off season.

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