Dusting Off

I’ve gotten out of the habit of travel blogging. Quick Facebook posts are so much easier! But I do regret not having the detailed accounts of my experiences that blogging brings. My memories go deeper when I write, and the trips feel more vital when I can revisit as time passes. So I’ll do as much blogging on this Venice trip as I feel is enjoyable, and just do brief sketches if it gets burdensome.

Two and a half years ago, we were in Venice for the Biennale. I had twisted my knee before leaving, realized on the flight that it had gotten stiff and swollen, and it was definitely not working as it should. On our second day I was going down a bridge at a fast clip, and suddenly heard and felt a “pop” in my knee. It would no longer support me, and Larry somehow got me back to the apartment. I spent the rest of the trip hobbling around with a cane and knee brace, swallowing as much ibuprofen as my system could tolerate. Add to that a cracked tooth which then got infected, a visit to a Venetian dentist for antibiotics, and yet more ibuprofen. I was in such pain that I’d wake in the night crying. I considered calling the game and going home, but grit my teeth and spent the week alternating between slowly dragging myself around and sitting in our favorite bar with a spritz.

Venice needed a do-over.

This year, we’ve rented a simple, inexpensive apartment in Cannaregio for two weeks.


Museums, wandering and getting lost, Biennale, long fishy lunches. Two days in the Valpolicella wine area for contrast. A Venetian seafood cooking class with the friend of a friend, a Murano tour with sweet guide Andrea. Serendipitous meetups with friends from London and Florida. Two weeks of slight removal from the insanity of the current USA. I’m ready.

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