Is this thing still working?

Tap, tap. Let’s see if I can get this blog going again!

So, after three years and several cancelled trips, we head to Italy in three weeks. We start in our favorite apartment in Venice overlooking the lagoon in Cannaregio. Then we move across the Canal to a larger place in Santa Croce. The Dans and Evan will join us there, very exciting. After Venice we will be at a farmhouse in the Sabina Hills/ southern Umbria for a week. Our London friends Jonathan and Philippa will meet us there.

Still plan on Covid protocols, and I really hope we can get second boosters before we leave. Between all that and our recent Covid souvenir, we should be fairly well protected, but as we’ve learned, this virus is insidious!

I’ve had to upgrade my blog plan, so I guess I’m committed to doing some blogging on the trip.

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