I’m a preschool teacher, cranky before the first cup of coffee, and have far too many books and skeins of yarn. I live in a rambling old house outside Boston with my husband Larry. We raised two boys here, and are adjusting to becoming empty nesters now. We’d much rather travel than buy a new car or replace the rugs. The people we meet, and the moments we wouldn’t have experienced at home, make every trip memorable.

In our 20’s Larry and I did a lot of spur of the moment travel. We’d schedule an off-season vacation from work, and then call a few consolidators to see where we could fly to on the cheap. No hotel reservations, no real plans, just a few guidebooks for ideas. We stumbled across France, Turkey, the Caribbean, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the U.S. Lots of serendipitous discoveries, some dreadful mistakes.

Since then, I’ve discovered the joys of planning trips, relishing the collection of details of history and culture that make travel a rich and vital experience. Our boys learned to entertain themselves at airports (without electronic devices!), try new experiences in unfamiliar environments, and be flexible and curious traveling companions.

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