Ah, Venezia!

We had an easy trip over, in spite of our uneasiness over the lifting of the mask mandate in the US. From the number of people wearing United masks on our initial flight to Frankfort, there were those who assumed that they’d be mask free heading to Europe. Sorry, Buttercup. I’d say probably 70% were wearing kn95 or N95 masks, the rest just surgical masks.

We were met at the dock by Elisa and Jan. Elisa and her husband had recently renovated another apartment nearby for their daughter, and as there wasn’t yet anyone living there, it was ours. An enormous two bedroom facing the lagoon, no problem! The 55 steps will just help work off the pasta.

Bedroom. Check out that view!

We walked around the corner to old favorite restaurant, Osteria Alla Frasca. We were early enough to get a table outside. Some wine, some pasta, enjoying a quiet corner of too often heaving Venice. It’s been a long three years since we were last here.

Tagliatelle with clams, mussels, shrimp and calamari. Rich seafood and tomato sauce, yum.

A little pan a cotta scented with rosemary and pistachios, another yum. And limoncello in the sun.

We were fading, so took a short nap. The apartment is eerily quiet due to the think 400 year old walls and new windows.

Then a wander for some groceries, bread and wine.

Got ourselves organized, then made some salads for dinner. Lettuces with oranges; and lentils with arugula and tomatoes. The kitchen is easy to work in, I was even able to figure out the induction cooktop on the first try. The oven has a mysterious control panel, I’ll leave that for when the jet lag fog wears off.

2 thoughts on “Ah, Venezia!

  1. I loved Venice. We had arrived at night and made our way through the maze to our hotel, with random beggars popping out of the darkness into the street light asking for money. Spooky, not exactly frightening.
    Jasper was a toddler in a stroller…(which was extra fun when crossing the endless canals). Sounds like I’m saying negative things, but no, all of it added to the otherworldly magic. The hot chocolate is divine! have some for dessert! Thanks for your post, I look forward to the next. ox

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