The Empire’s Shopping


On Monday, Evan wanted to return to the British Museum, which we were very happy to do as well. We started off by splitting up, with Evan and myself going to a gallery talk in the Japapese galleries; and Larry to one on the Romans in Britain.



We then spent some time in the Assyrian galleries, enjoying the enormous carvings. We then did a really fascinating talk in the Enlightenment Galleries on the ground floor, learning about the British age of discovery and the Enlightenment. The collection spans the interconnections of the time–scientific tools used in long voyages, natural items such as fossils and human remains which expanded the idea of how long life has existed on Earth; contemporary and ancient artifacts from different cultures around the world, Greek, Roman and Egyptian remains, attempts to classify the natural world through collecting and investigating plants and animals. Britain went on a huge worldwide shopping spree, attempting to make sense of the universe and bringing it home. Power equaled ownership at the time.




2016-10-18-13-08-46   2016-10-18-12-50-48

Oh, for all your Rosetta Stone needs, the Museum has a few suggestions. WTH?


For a late lunch, we ate a satisfying meal at Savoir Faire around the corner, where you can get a nice 2-course French-accented lunch for 14 pounds. Do try the pate.  Evan wanted to go to a tea shop (he’s a big tea drinker, orders all sorts of mysterious teas from Taiwan) so we walked the short distance into Soho. White tea and oolong for him, spiced chai and “superior” Early Grey for me. We also visited Neal’s Yard for cheese, and a chocolate shop where we were enticed inside with free cups of chili-spiced hot chocolate.

2016-10-18-15-20-34  2016-10-18-15-12-38

2016-10-18-15-27-21  2016-10-18-15-29-53

Popped into the Waitrose for a salad items, dinner at home.




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